GTX 660Ti - Display issues on TV (won't go 1080p)

I recently built a PC, and I intend to use my 32" tv as a monitor. However, I a running into a peculiar issue.

For some reason, no mater what I do. My PC will only display 1360x768 properly. Anything higher (1080p) turns my screen a milky white color, more of a tint really (I can still effectively operate and see). However, should I hook my TV to anything else, it displays 1080p no problem (game console).

I have tried the following:

-HDMI cable - same issue
-VGA/ RGB cable - same issue
-Changed various settings on PC, nothing works so far
-My only aspect rations are normal and stretch on 1360x768
-Aspect ratios on 1080p settings have multiple options, but none solve the issue.

Any help would be appreciated, I will continue to use the recommended and native resolution 1360x768.

TV: Vizio - M260VA-MX
Video Card: ASUS GTX 660Ti OC
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  1. you can try in windows and nvidia control panel to uncheck hide modes my monitor/tv cant use and see if there a higher or lower 1080 setting. from what i found from your tv that the max size for it.
  2. NVIDIA has two Resolution groups: HD/SD and PC. HD/SD have a list of several 1080 settings. PC has 1360x768 as the highest. Does this mean that for my PC, can I not get any other resolutions?

    If not, thank you for the information. I appreciate it, a staff member can close this thread should he see fit. Otherwise let it die.
  3. Are you Having a 1080p Monitor?
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