SB Live!Value, left channel died

Hello everybody

I have an SB Live!Value (IRQ 5) with an AthlonTB 1200 and A7V, the OS is WinMe. The SB works fine during one year, but two week ago I change my hard disk and reinstall the OS, and then the left channel disappeared!!!!, I change the slot of the card, reinstall the drivers, but nothing happens, I test my speaker system in other computer and it works good. The drivers are from the original CD. Someone can give any hopeful solution?.


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  1. You must have a marginal sound card that finally failed. Or it is a quirk of ME.

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  2. Welcome to the world of Windows ME. To make sure that it is not the OS, try putting your Soundcard in another PC, Non-ME, if it works, then you may have to delete all Creative drivers on the system and reinsert the card. If it works after this, good for you, if not try reinstalling Windows ME or getting another OS. ME is by far, the most instable Microsoft Product ever produced. Only Microsoft BOB beats it in general all around poor preformance.

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