Crash + Black screen when gaming

First, im french so im trying my best hehe :P!

i just bought a new config a week ago, all working fine but when im gaming after approximately 15-20min, my pc crash with a black screen and sound loops.
i try few test, memtest, seatools, furmarks with gpu-z.

im open to all sugestion to solve this probleme !


Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65
CPU: i5 3570k 3.4ghz
rams: Kingston hyperX 2x4g
PSU: Corsair TX650
GPU: Gigabyte 7850hd 975mhz 2gb
HDD: 160g raptor 10krpm (not news from my old config)
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  1. It sounds like it might be a BSOD, have you been getting a message when you start you computer back up? Is it only in one game?
  2. Get MSI Afterburner & monitor your GPU temps - my single GTX460 gave me similar problems - fans were not going fast enough to keep it cool -.
  3. kazten: i played Call of duty black ops 2 and world of warcraft and both crash after 20min and no message when rebooting after a crash.

    dish_moose: i try to play with the gpu fan speed to 100%, no change crashed after 20min
  4. i did a furmark test the max gpu temp is around 60c 65c
  5. Do you use DisplayPort or a later revision of HDMI(v3/v4)?

    Do you use an HDTV?

    If yes switch to a DVI-D or an earlier revison of HDMI(v1/1.1), the newer cables have bad shielding so the frequencies of the GPU/Monitor can mix, and that causes the freeze and sound loop.
  6. im using a VGA with a dvi-i adapter
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