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Will this be bottlenecked?

I am helping a friend upgrading a pre-built Dell Inspiron with an i5-650. He wants to upgrade the GPU which in turn will make a PSU upgrade necessary. Will it bottleneck an EVGA GTX 660 FTW Sig2?
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  1. No it will not bottleneck.There can be litle bottleneck in cpu intensive games.
  2. That will be significantly bottlnecked in most modern games. Although games rely much more on GPU than CPU, that CPU will hold you back.
  3. That CPU may bottleneck the video card in CPU intensive games but nothing so much to worry about when it comes to the GPU intensive side.

    Games like GTA IV and Battlefield 3 like running on three or more cores but the Lynnfield-based i5 650 is no slouch so it should perform just fine.
  4. The computer with its current graphics card seems to handle The War Z fine but at Low settings, so I am not sure on whether it is the GPU or CPU. The i5 is a dual core.
  5. Yea you will experience some bottlneck, but nothing significant unless you play cpu intensive games.
  6. He is wanting to play ArmA 2 and The War Z at Ultra. How bad will it be?
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    You'll be fine, the i5-650 is a fairly capable CPU.

    People worry too much about bottlenecking.
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  9. Thanks!!
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