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660 ti 192bit memory question

Hello, i am looking to get a gigabyte gtx 660 ti 3gb oc ( and i am wondering if its 192 bit bus makes a difference compared to the 256 bit bus on the 670. (I DO NOT WANT A 670) What is the difference in performance in games such as crysis 2-3, battlefield 3, arma II, borderlands 2 and future games? Is it safe to overclock the memory to 8ghz to match the 670s 192gb/s. Is it possible with the awesome cooler on the gigabyte 3gb, and also to do it in sli with 2 cards? I have good case cooling, i am installing 5 120mm case fans to circulate air too! So do i really need to overclock the vram? Do i really need the extra gb/s? Can the card and my case support the heat? If not whats the reccomended safest overclock for this card?

Lots of questions, hope you guys can help! :D

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  2. ok cool, so 192 is fine for a standard 2ms 1920x1080 60hz monitor on high end games like battlefield 3, crysis, borderlands 2 etc on max settings? Now that i think of it, 192 isnt that far from 256 lol
  3. also, will the 3gb make a big difference over a 2gb card? in the games i suggested also arma II and skyrim (which are high vram games)
  4. On 1080p, you'll not Need more than 2GB

    Hitman Absolution uses 1.5 GB at Max Settings in 1080p
    And Skyrim with Texture Packs should settle somewhere 1.8 -1.9 GB
  5. 3gb it is! Haha i will be playing skyrim with texture packs and mods and 1.9 is getting close... Plus 3gb will make up for the 192 bit a bit more (no pun intended) and will be more futureproof. Ok thanks guys, problem solved. Going with the gigabyte gtx 660 ti 3gb oc
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