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So since I bought my current monitor last summer (HP ZR2740w 2560x1440 27") I've had some issues with it. First, I noticed some flickering red pixels on some shades of gray with the monitor connected via DVI-D to my Radeon HD 6970. I tried the other DVI port on my graphics card as well as another cable but to no avail. This issue, however vanished completely when I changed to DisplayPort.

But recently as I switched out my GPU and motherboard for newer ones this will no longer function as a workaround. You see my computer uses the Asus UEFI BIOS and for some reason DisplayPort doesn't set the correct resolution before starting Windows, leaving me with BIOS where I can see just about a quarter of the image. And now with DVI, the monitor has flickering green pixels on some darker shades of gray. I tried the Alternate DVI setting on Catalyst Control Center and all it did was it turned the pixels blue. So now my screen doesn't look only dazzling but also slightly melodramatic and there's enough sadness in this world.

EDIT: Should add a couple issues I've either noticed since or forgot to include; When changing resolution with DVI connection, (Windows login / games that I play in 1080p) I get these multi-colored bars all over the screen that won't go away until I restart the monitor. DisplayPort is also somewhat malfunctional as whenever I start the computer from a complete shutdown state, I have to plug the monitor out and then back in to get it to even notice that the PC is on.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Either by getting rid of the flickering pixels with the DVI connection or getting UEFI BIOS to display in proper resolution with the DisplayPort cable. I really don't care.
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  1. I would return that. No reason for you to have to fix an issue like that.
  2. HP has a driver for this monitor. Did you install that? And try to reset the monitor to factory default. That sometimes helps with the bios display problem.
  3. I did install some driver. It doesn't seem to be doing anything however. How would I go about resetting the monitor?
  4. There should be a "reset to factory default" somewhere in the on-screen menu .
  5. noidea_77 said:
    There should be a "reset to factory default" somewhere in the on-screen menu .

    That's the funny thing. Even though the monitor has a few of buttons on the right-bottom corner, there is no OSD menu whatsoever. The only ones I assume to work are power and source, and I haven't even tested source.
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