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So I recently upgraded my graphics card to HD 7850. I have a few years old Hp LCD monitor. Before my gpu upgrade I have always used the VGI connector and didnt have any problems. But now that I try to use a DVI, monitor flashes periodically to black and shows quickly that the DVI signal input is
out of range and I should change it to 1280x1024@60hz. I dont understand whats the problem because the resolution is set at these specs. If I connect
the VGI standart everything is ok.
Yesterday at one moment the flashing wasnt very often maybe once in a few minutes, I managed to even test performance in some games and it fixed the problem with very hard to notice wave like flickering in some games which happens with a VGI standart. This flicker becomes less noticable if vsinc is enabled.

Anyway would love some quick help!

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  1. Today I got the monitor working with the dvi cable for about five minutes normaly. As I moved the cable it seemed to corespond with monitor going blank and showing picture again. No message of signal out of range this time.

    Could all of these problems be occurring because the cable is damaged? It has been rolled up in a box for many years.
    Cant really determine if the cable is at fault because its the only one I have.

    What are your toughts, should I buy a new cable and test if the cable is at fault here?


  2. Hmm, it could be a defective cord. Would you by chance have other cords you can try out around?
  3. No I think this is the only DVI cable I have.
    Another thing that I discovered is that the monitor doesnt even detect any signal if I switch DVI connector that went in my system to monitor and the other that went into monitor to my sistem.
  4. Does your computer have a onboard graphics card maybe you could try that? Normally I ask this but I'll go ahead and ask it here.

    Operating System: (32/64bit)

    If your computer is a store bought machine please provide the following
    Model #:
    Operating System: (32/64bit)
  5. I built this system myself.
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955
    RAM: Kingston ddr3 3Gb
    PSU: Cooler master 500w
    VIDEO: AMD HD 7850 1Gb
    OS: W 7 64bit

    Dont have a onboard graphics. I have my older nvidia 9600 GT but I dont really want to reinstall it, such a hassle.
    I clearly remember when I had my older graphics I tried to connect the DVI cable but there was no signal, so I just used the VGI cable and everything worked fine so I sticked to that. This seems to indicate that the same problem was with the nvidia 9600GT.

    Keep in mind that I tried both DVI connectors on my HD 7850 and the same problem persisted.

  6. Hmm, what monitor do you use? Also, do you have a TV that utilizes HDMI? Maybe you could try it on that and see if you get picture. HDMI, and DVI share the same signal.
  7. I have a HP L1940 flat panel LCD monitor. Unfortunately I dont really watch TV much so I have pretty old TV that doesnt support HDMI.

    So looks like the only thing that I can do is buy a new DVI cable and test it then.
  8. Yea that would be perhaps the best way to go at this point. Was trying to see if you could test another monitor/tv but looks like you are out of options of trial and error in that area.
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