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I'm only posting here guys because you all seem more active,
So I just recently got the AverMedia HD Broadcaster and everything seems fine apart from one thing, the audio.
Basically there is no sound when I play back something I have recorded and I don't know why,
I did everything the manual says, I have a GTX 660Ti so putting the HDMI cable from there to the capture card was no problem,
I then put another HDMI cable coming from the HDMI out slot (capture card) into the TV/monitor's HDMI slot, but still, to no avail.
I got a 3.5mm audio cable with it but I'm not too sure where to put it because my sound card is built into my motherboard, which is the Gigabyte X79-UD3, if I simply have to put the audio cable into a certain slot can someone please guide me to which one, I'm sorry, I am pretty new to computers because the computer itself is quite new.
If anyone can help me out, it's very much appreciated!
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  1. For some reason, widows can only handle on playback device at a time. If the standard device (control panel / sound) is set to your onboard, you don't get the sound on your hdmi. Either switch the standard playback device to hdmi for recording or plug the audio cable to the speaker port of your mobo.
  2. Thank you for the help, but could you explain it more basically if you can?
    I'm sorry but I am no computer master or anything like that, I'm kinda new to the whole thing really
  3. Let's try this way: play a video or music file, right click on the volume icon in the task bar and goto playback devices. You will see the bars moving next to the standard device. If it's speakers, you need to connect the capture device to the speaker out plug on the back of your pc. You can also click on the hdmi output and the "set default" button. That will switch the sound output to hdmi, but you will not get any sound from your speakers until you switch it back.
  4. Ah right, I understand now :)
    Thank you very much!
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