Only microsoft word 2007 free download

how i download microsoft word 2007
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  1. Hello rose_76;

    Microsoft World 2007 is part of MS Office.

    Wordpad is a free basic word-processing that's already installed in Windows 7 for you.

    From the Start menu type: word
    and you should see Wordpad listed.
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  3. rose_76 said:
    how i install microsoft word pad in my computer
  4. Just get open office.
  5. rose_76 said:
    how i download microsoft word 2007

    why get 2007 when you can get 2010? you can download office 2010 trial for free and use it till the trial period expires. you'll have to buy a serial key from microsoft to continue using office 2010 after the trial expires.
    word document viewer:
    you cannot get a full version of ms office or ms word for free. it would be piracy and tomshardware does not support piracy. read the rules here:
    alternatively, you can try out one of the free office suites like libreoffice and
    both are full version and free.
    good luck.
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