I have a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo CPU and a GeForce Gt610 2gb graphics

I just want to now why my dolphin emulator won't work as good I can hit 30 fps and 100% easy but sometimes it drops dramatically what do I do with them specs I have do I owe clock CPU and how ? New graphics card ? Or CPU any help with this would be great I just want to play my GameCube emulator I have 4 gb ram too
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  1. Overclock your cpu to 2.7ghz and see.
  2. well, emulators are far from perfect.

    if you want to see what your bottleneck is though, just open up task manager and see how much of your cpu is being used when you play. if you are using 100 percent of the cpu, that is your bottleneck right there.

    additionally you can see if your gpu is the bottleneck with sortware like msi afterburner
  3. Bottleneck sorry I'm a noob
  4. a bottleneck is when some parts of your computer are not able to perform as well as they could because other parts cant keep up. ie, a slow cpu can cause a gpu to bottleneck and not perform at a 100 percent
  5. Ok should dolphin be working correctly with the stuff I got
  6. well that gpu is somewhat outdated. u could get more performance from a new gpu.

    but as u stand shouldnt be an issue.

    dolfin isnt super gpu or cpu intensive.
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