My monitor gets no signal unless I use integrated graphics card

My Monitor gets no signal unless I remove the power source from my video card. Then Reboot and it loads with the integrated video card. The Video Card is a Geforce GTX 550 Ti, power source is RaidMax 500w, 10a/5a (not exactly sure what information there is important.)

No this computer I got on Craigslist and clearly a mistake. I have attached 3 monitors, and using VGA on motherboard, and DVI, and DVI and HDMI on graphics card. Before I did anything else.

Now I have read as much as I could on the net about similar problems. I have removed ram in all slots to test memory

I have already bought a new -exact- video card as I thought that was bad, I was wrong.

I have uninstalled drivers, and changed Bio's I assume correctly.

I have removed and reattached -every- connection.

The computer seems to work normally if i disconnect the power source from the videocard, I am not convinced its my motherboard or PCI slot and don't have the money to replace that now.

I am lacking a more powerful powersupply to test as the computer I have tested most things on is an older compaq. Including the video card and still the same -exact- problem. However it is possible that PCI port is bad or not compatible with the videocard, so not a good comparison.

I have a bad feeling it will be some stupid and easy problem that I am over looking. I would love any suggestions before I start pulling my hair out and taking it to a computer repair shop. I am not overly versed in computer hardware, but have been able to replace majority or parts inside them. I hope I provided enough information. Thanks.
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  1. With the monitor attached to the integrated graphics (iGPU) go into the bios and set the display to initialize first to PCIe or PEG. Then save and power off. Install your 550Ti and move the monitor cable from the iGPU to the 550Ti and power on.
    Do you get a display now?
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