Radeon 7750 Requirements

Will my PSU be able to run a Radeon 7750? I have the stock 350w PSU and I've been looking to upgrade my Graphics Card, without upgrading my PSU.

i7 - 3770k 3.4 ghz

8gb DDR3 Ram

Geforce GT 630

Stock 350w PSU
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  1. But I've seem people who say that you can run it with 300w, I'm just making sure.
  2. It will work fine, that card doesn't need auxiliary power from pcie connectors of the psu.
    That card maximum tdp is 55W.
    It will work fine.
  3. I trust AMD and they are not fools to give fake recommendation about PSU.

    If they say 400W is minimum then there must be a reason beyond our knowledge.
    May be to avoid bottle necking on 100% usage.

    In my openion you should look forward and upgrade your PSU
  4. There's no bottlenecking in the usage, the maximum tdp of the card is 55w.
    Any decent psu within 300w will do for card and system.
  5. I have been running it just fine on a Dell 265W PSU. Granted, Dell rates their supplies on continuous average, not max, so bear that in mind.

    That said, go here: and calculate your needs. I was concerned, but after putting in all my components, I have room to spare with my 265W.
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    The gt 630 is 65w, the 7750 is 55w so uses less power than what you have now. Amd's recommendation is accounting for bad quality psus and trying to assume the rest of your components. But actual power needs to be calculated on a per case basis. I've seen the 7750 work on a good 250w psu. Power will not bottleneck, it will not work without enough power.
  7. I am running 7750 with 350 PSU.
  8. Hi i bought a HD7750 installed it but when i get to desktop i get a bluescreen, any1 know what the problem could be?
  9. Hmm, do you know what branding the power supply is the model number things of that nature. Also, does your power supply state what your 12v power wattage is.

    For example:
  10. wnetwork said:
    I am running 7750 with 350 PSU.
    Got you beat. Hell, I'm running a 7750 on a 150W PSU. The card draws 43W max (source). My kill-a-watt meter agrees. That would mean it should pull about 4 amps from the 12V rail.
  11. Wow 150 watts on a 7750 must be a pretty nice power supply given that most CPU's use up 100 on its own. So you are near at the limits with 150w.
  12. According to my kill-a-watt it idles at 46W and approaches 100W during gaming. Furmark will push it in the 120W range though.
  13. Still pretty crazy. Talk about your power efficient computer right there :P
  14. What are the rest of your specs? 100w cpus are only the high end, except for amd. The i3 is only 55w, low power versions are 35w but this is with the igpu.
  15. Power draw is for the whole system at the wall, not just the CPU. It's running an Ivy i3, standard 55W TDP.
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