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hi needing a bit of advice on my new pc i have most of my build now

,cpu amd 6300

,mobo asus m5a78l-m/usb3 ,

seagate 500gb hdd and my case is a saturn midi part mesh

but ive come to the graphics card now and not sure what to get as im not used to building pcs for myself ( all though ive built a great many) any suggestions?
i have a low budget but would rather save for something worthwhile than waste money on something useless . im planning on gaming mostly skyrim and similar games so need a good card .
also got a 650wt psu and wondering if that will be enough as i am planning overclocking?
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  1. Your post is hard to read. Learn to use line spacing.

    Anyways, whats your budget? If its around $200 get the Radeon 7870
  2. budgets flexable as i dont mind waiting to save for something as long as its worth it.

    is there any point in thinking £100 would do it or is that going to get me something of poor quality?
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