Raising the refresh rate on LCDs

I recently noticed a slight flickering of the screen in games like counterstrike. I have the refresh rate set to the native 60hz.....when i set it to 70hz....i cannot notice it. My question is, is it a good idea to raise the refresh rate above 60hz on LCDs? What are the good and the bad to such a move? Thanks in advance.

ps. my lcd is a 1760NX on analog connection
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  1. sticking at 60Hz on the LCD's maximum resolution is recommended. If you use lower resolutions, increasing the refresh rate above 70Hz is better.

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  2. yea i have the res set at 1280x1024 which is the native res, so would setting the refresh rate higher improve image quality like it does in CRT monitors? or would it just mess things up on the LCD
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  4. An LCD cannot actually flicker in the sense you are thinking a CRT does. Setting the refresh rate to 70Hz may in fact damage the LCD- it's just used for syncing and you may overload it (at max res that is). 60Hz will probably give you the best image quality. The flickering, it seems to me, may very well be caused by a faulty backlight (that's often the culprit....*ahem* especially when UPS manages to drop it several times *ahem*). Call up the manufacturer and ask for a replacement.

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  5. well the screen is fine when im not playing counterstrike for a long time, i only notice it when i have played for a while and i stare at a specific line. Do u think it's a big deal then?

    is there any programs I could run to test my LCD for any problems? Thanks
  6. So you have to stare at a line to notice this. This doesn't happen when u look at the screen in general then? Some ways to detect flicker more easily are to stare at it through your peripheral vision or go a little ways back and bite down a few times.

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  7. i read somewhere once that the florescent backlights on lcd's operate at 60 hz. dont know if thats true but i notice my florescent table lamp flickers. maybe thats what your seeing.
  8. nope it doesnt flicker in general when i look at it, and it doesnt really flicker that badly....it just looks like its in a wavy motion....but i tried lookin at it from my peripheral vision and i see nothing..=p

    so is my eye too sensitive or is there something wrong with my lcd?
  9. wavy motion is set when it's set to 60Hz? Make sure it's at 60Hz during game as well, and for the hell of it, try turning Vsync on and see what happens.

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  10. They do but there's a device in there that doubles this so they are at 120Hz...

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  11. sorry but im a noob in lcd, what does vsync do and how would i turn it on? im on analog and i did auto adjust everything.
  12. vsync just assures that the frames your vid card renders match with the refresh rate- ie 60Hz. A lot of probs are cause of that. Go to your video card's properties menu for opengl and vsync and there should be vsync somewhere there.

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  13. yeah it is selected as ON BY DEFAULT.
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