MSI GTX 680 Lightning edition waterblock?

will the any standard gtx 680 waterblocks fit on the msi gtx 680 lightning edition? Because i am going to watercool the cpu and
gpu later this year so i need to know if this pcb will fit or i need to get an other type of gtx 680, if it wont fit can u recommend me me a a different type of gtx 680 please?

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  1. It's a custom pcb the standard 680 gtx waterblock won't fit.
    Any reference card 680 gtx will do get a cheap evga 680 gtx or a evga 670 FTW it has the 680 gtx pcb, meaning a reference block will fit
  2. do you think that i should really water cool the card since im already watercooling the cpu? i really wanted the msi lightning, idk what to do get a referance 680 and watercool it or get the custom pcb lightning version?
  3. There's a waterblock for the 680 lightning :

    The lightning as good temperatures without being watercooled, it's up to you, if you want to watercool the gpu, it will have more room to oc and with lower temperatures.
    A 670 FTW is also a good option or a cheap reference 680 gtx.
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