Default Gateway Not Available - Realtek PCIe GBE - Windows 7 MSI Mobo

Currently getting constant disconnects with the following hardware/software

Modem CM100
Router - Tried 4 different routers, issue consistent throughout them all. Original is the Asus RT-n56u.

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
MSI 790XT-G45
Windows 7 Ultimate

After installing several drivers and probably 10-20 tweaks, the issue has stopped for about 50 minutes after consistent at least every 10-20 minutes.

If anyone has any other answers for this, it'd be great.

I actually just placed an order for a Motorola Surfboard 6121

Although I need the upgrade anyway.
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  1. The way I've encountered with this problem as default gateway not available, is because of the poor physical connectivity in between the modem and the router (if it's the first time configuration). Check properly as the functionality of the LAN ports on the router and the modem as well and then give a try after power drain of the computer, modem and the router.............................
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