GPU temperatures higher after new cooler. I am a noob at uploading pictures sorry.

So my GPU used to sit around 85c (the TMPIN0 in the GPU section used to hover right around that) when I played games and decided to get a new after cooler. After installing the computer my GPU temp in HWmonitor dropped by about 30c but my TMPIN0 temperature skyrocketed! I have no idea how this could have happened. This is causing massive frame drops and pretty much making sc2 and d3 unplayable at the moment. If someone could give me some advice on what is going on it would be greatly appreciated!

Also there are 2 different TMPIN0 temps one under the mobo section and one under the GPU section. I am referring to the latter.

Edit: I noticed that people recommend downloading GPU-Z in other threads and it is reading very high temps on all 3 GPU temp areas. Seems to be pretty consistent with the TMPIN0 temp from HWmonitor.
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  1. Sounds like to little or too much thermal paste or the cooler is loose. Don't overtighten but check that the cooler is snug. If it is take it off, clean off both sides with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, then reapply the paste no bigger than a small pea. I used to even it out with a razor blade but that is not necessary.
  2. Ok so I went back did a real good cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and applied a little bit more thermal paste cause I went extremely light the first time. This has brought my load temps back up to around 95 when my stock fan was getting around 85. What is weird is that this fixed my fps spikes and I can now run games flawelessly again I'm just worried about burning my card out.

    Timeline :
    - Stock card temps were 80-85c
    -New fan brought temps down but not the TMPIN0 temp ( this could have been reading wrong since GPU-Z said all temps were high) but was having massive FPS drops to where games were unplayable.
    - Reapplied the thermal paste which raised temps even higher but now my FPS is fine and games are running smoothly.
    - I am frustrated.
  3. I would be frustrated too. What does CPUID have to say about all of this? How is the airflow in the case? Take off the side and see how much change in the GPU.
    Which model GPU are we referring to?
  4. I was at work when I responded the first time and couldn't see the image.

    This image shows the 5850.
  5. You may try using a program that allows you to change the Fan profile. I think MSI Afterburner allows you to do that.
  6. Hey jnk thanks for the responses. The case airflow is pretty good but I tried without a side just to see and no help. This is the first aftermarket heatsink I've installed on a GPU before which is thinking I messed up putting on the VRAM heatsinks. Would this cause anything of what I have described? The directions were very poor for the Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo. For the VRAM I used an eraser to clean the off very nicely then applied the "glue" they supplied and let them sit on till hardened. They also sent some insulation tape which I did not use as I read from a few forums you don't need the tape and the adhesive but maybe I needed both? I am very knew to the GPU so baby talk in accepted lol. I know a decent bit but have never messed with VRAM or anything under a graphics card hood.

    Once again thanks for the responses. It's late tonight but if pictures are needed I could supply tomorrow.

    Edit: Also everyone else's HWmonitor pic's show that all of their fans are working and not just the last one. Does that just have to do with where my fans are plugged in? I am 99% sure all of them are working inside the case and I know the CPU and GPU fans are at least on.
  7. you applied a little bit more paste? the thermal paste is meant to fill up pores and imperfections, not to separate the two metals
  8. Cons29 said:
    you applied a little bit more paste? the thermal paste is meant to fill up pores and imperfections, not to separate the two metals

    I used more after removing the paste on the cooler and GPU. It was still a very minute amount of paste but more then on the initial try.

    It didn't look like I was buttering my GPU with paste or anything =P

    Edit: I suppose for a mental picture before I removed the paste it looked like 2cm smaller diameter than a dime on the GPU after it was smushed( kind of a guess didn't put a dime on to measure) but was definitely not touching the sides. I put a tiny bit more than what I just explained after cleaning the paste. Was this too much?
  9. That other temp TMPIN0 is I'm going to assume, your VRM temp just by looking at the HWMonitor screenshot.

    HWMonitor doesn't display VRAM temps, and neither does GPU-Z at least with every card I've ever used with it.

    Here is a shot of your PCB, did you put heatsinks on the area I highlighted red?

    That's where the VRMs are, and most likely what is causing your headaches.

    Edit: I found a 5850 with an Accelero Twin Turbo without the fan on, here is where the heatsinks should be.
  10. cliffro you may have saved me. Will get back with results! I missed the smaller vram on the right side.

    Edit: Well I was about to put them on then remembered I didn't have anymore of the glue they sent me. Going to order some more but will post results.
  11. Ok I installed heatsinks on the far right and top left vram spots, and my temps have dropped a ton on gpu-z. For some reason on my CPUID one of my temps are still rising to 78c. I'll post a pic to show. Both were running D3 on extreme settings for about 20 min. GPU-Z is using the TMPIN0 temp under GPU so do I still need to worry or are my temps fine?'

    Edit: Was just thinking about it then checked in my bag of stuff I forgot to put the mounting spacers back on. Would this affect the temp or is it just to prevent you from screwing the heatsink on too hard.
  12. Well the 78c temp in HWMonitor is your gpu temp, so it could be the result of that riser, or not enough or too much TIM. But your VRM temps look great now.

    Edit: You are reapplying the paste when you pull the heatsink/fan off right?

    And for paste application, this is EK's recommendation.
  13. I tried the cross, spread, and grain rice method and they all end up around the same temp in the upper 70's in the GPU area. Is it possible at all that I got a faulty cooler? I did put the spacers back and they didn't change anything.

    One thing I was concerned about is the bottom of the heatsink isn't completely flat it's ridged which is what I assume the thermal paste is for but now I'm thinking it's really supposed to be flat? Not real sure what to do about to give up lol. Thanks for the responses and help.

    Edit: Also say in a scenario I am completely messing up the thermal paste, how big of a heat reduction would I expect to have it applied correctly?
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