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660 vs 7870

Hey guys, my 550 ti can run some games but not how I want them. So my question is which one is better 660 or 7870? They have the same price, but my question is will they max games at 1080p? black ops 2, far cry3, and others? thanks.
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    I would say the 7870 is the stronger of the two cards in that area. However the GTX660 can go against the 7870.
  2. Do you have any benchmarks? I can't find them if you can black ops 2 max 1080p please.
  3. The 7870 is definitely the faster, however it does consume more power
  4. Power is not an issue, my 650w will handle it. Do you have a far cry 3 benchmark? sorry to bother so much
  5. The 660 gtx is a good option, if it's cheaper, you'll have better driver support, and exclusive features like txaa, adaptive vsync, phsyX.
    Here's some benchmarks of those two games :,6.html,1.html

    The performance is identical.
  6. I'll just get next gen NVidia or Radoen, thanks.
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  8. It could be a good choice, if you don't mind gaming at low/mid settings with lower resolution.

    Get whichever is cheaper/has better extra's. The HD 7870 is only 3% faster at stock.

    If you were to overclock however, I would choose the HD 7870 as it has lot of OC headroom.
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