2xGTX670 vs GTX680

which is better? two GTX 670s(http://pcpartpicker.com/part/pny-video-card-vcggtx670xpb) clocked at 915MHz or one GTX 680(http://pcpartpicker.com/part/galaxy-video-card-68nph6dt6exz) clocked at 1.20 GHz?

is it true that the VRAM doesn't add up when you SLI?

i'm gong to be doing 3dwork, video editing, and gaming.

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  1. Yes, Vram does not add together when you SLi but two 670's will best a single 680 in games that support SLi and will give you a higher PPD if used for F@H.
  2. Ok Thanks for the help. But if I play games that do not support SLi and i'm going to be doing video Editng should I go for the GTX680?
  3. Just throwing this out there, even a single 670 is a MUCH smarter option than a 680.

    A 680 is about 5% faster than a 670. (2-3% after overclocking both cards.)

    At the same time, it's 25-30% more expensive.

    That's just a bad purchase, especially when you consider that both cards will max out basically any game out there, why would you waste the extra $100-150?
  4. Yes, Sli will likely be of use for video editing.
  5. ok, thanks for the help again.

    I think i'll go for the dual GTX670s
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