64mb video card

what is a decent, yet inexpensive vd card to run FSX?
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  1. what is inexpensive? what your motherboard support?
  2. please use this template whern asking for a video card suggestion

  3. I need to get a used ( so it doesn't cost much) computer with a seperate graphics card that would run FSX like it is supposed to. Right now I have a laptop with intergrated graphics. I was told that the Nvidia Geforce 7900 gtx or GeForce 7950 gx2 would be good but that is old information and I can't find any used computers with those cards. Ever time I come across a used computer, the graphics card gets a bad review. So, what I need is a core duo with at lest Ghz, 2GB of ram, 2 7200 rpm har drives and a decent raphics card. That that be had for 2-300 dollars?
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