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Upgrading from 550 TI

Is the 650 Ti good? or should i save up for a 660?

Here is what i currently have.
i5-3450 Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz
BIOSTAR TZ77B motherboard
4gb ram

I get 95 fps on CS:GO max settings and 90 fps on L4D2 max.
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  1. In my opinion you should save up to a 660 gtx, the 650 ti is better than a 550 ti, but it's not much of a upgrade, i rather get a 660 gtx or wait for newer generation cards that might come this year.
  2. there are some good sales on the 650ti right now
  3. Wait just a few months and the 700 / 8k series is going to be released. Either get one of those or a more powerful card for way cheaper than you could get now.
  4. ok lets say i dont wait for the new cards to come out. Are there any differences between the evga and asus 660 cards?
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    The asus has better cooling system and it's more quiet.
    The evga has better support and warranty.
    Both will do, as long it's a 660 gtx, get the cheaper one by then.
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