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Hi there,

My Wi-fi on my rig seems to have some odd problems. When I'm gaming i often get a lag spike every 10-20 second or so, and before I got the "Vista anti-lag" program I was also getting the enormous 60 second lag spike. I'm sure many Vista users recognize this problem. But here is the deal, the first kind of lag spikes completely disappear while talking on Skype! Which makes me wonder, what is it with Skype (only while talking) that removes the lag? Gaming with Skype makes all games run fluently without any spikes at all.

Could someone be kind to explain this strange thing, and also give me another solution if possible. I would be very appreciated.
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  1. Check if the games you are playing need any specific ports open for gameplay.
  2. I have opened ports for some of my games, but this problem affects all kind of online gaming.
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