Internet has stopped working and Facebook problems

Hello, although Facebook runs ok ( I cant expand the chat though) I use WINDOWS 7 but when I want to use google it says ' interent has stopped working'. i have tried an earlier resolution but cannot find the RUN program- can you advice me where it is on the Start menu. Also, I have tried a RESTORE but it will not allow me to choose the time/date I want to go back to!! Why is my computer playing up??!! Thank you for asny asssitance!
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  1. try a different browser
  2. Sounds like a possible infection...
  3. Do you mean Internet "Explorer" has stop working?

    Is so, then try this troubleshooting steps.

    Internet Explorer troubleshooting Steps.

    And as for the Chat window now working, try install / updating the latest Flash player and check if it works.
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