Dual GTX 480's in SLI Computer restarting

I've got two GTX 480's in an SLI setup, and when I play games with higher end requirements they sometimes restart my computer. It just goes straight to a black screen, no warning or anything.

Here's my system:

i5-3570K @4.5Ghz with H80i
Dual GTX 480's stock speeds, EVGA
PC Power and Cooling 950w 80-PLUS silver

480's are hitting 96c which is normal, cpu stays at about 60c with the liquid cooling system.

I'm using Nvidia drivers 310.90, I've tried a few previous versions with no results, I've also tried the SLI patcher to no avail.

Any help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated
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  1. Try testing the cards individually, testing the slots individually. But if you are getting 96C always, that might be one of the problems.
  2. That is very reasonable advise and you know it. 96C is very hot for a card. If you want someone to continue hurting their card because you have a personal beef with me, you can go ahead
  3. I did isolate both cards using software called video card stability test located here


    One was faulty.

    FYI 90-100c is "normal" for gtx 480's.

    I ended up dumping the 480's getting a 660 ti and a 560 ti for physx, because.... half the heat etc
  4. zabusnorran said:
    A little edgy there aren't you guy ? :o

    I definitely *didn't* have a problem with you, just a job and a life that demands attention. I appreciate your attempt to help. Here's what happened (if anyone else is interested)

    That's a response to a post that has since been deleted, it was not directed at you.
  5. Ah thank you.
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