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Hey guys I am posting on behalf of a friend who just bought a desktop and is looking to upgrade the video card to do some gaming.

Here is the PC:

I would assume the biggest limiting factors would be the PSU and maybe the size of the new card fitting inside the case. He would like to stay around $100 or maybe a bit more if the cost to performance is worth it. He was looking at the Radeon 7750 currently, what do you guys think? Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
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    For a 400w psu, either a 7750 or a 7770, within the range of 100$.
    Both cards will fit, the 7770 is worth the extra.
    Here's the two cheapest ones :
  2. Yeah a 7750 seems like the best option. No idea why you'd suggest a 6570 or 5770.
  3. Thanks guys. So is the price increase between the 7550 and 7700 worth the increase in performance?
  4. Yes, it's not much, but the 7770 is better and for just about a few dollars more.
  5. The only question is whether the power supply can handle a 7770. It draws more power, and requires a 6-pin PCIe power connector.
  6. yeah, double check what it says on the label on the psu. It is listed as 400W unit in the specs but that doesnt really tell that much... Check the amps on the 12V rail(s).
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