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GTX 670 FTW vs 7970?

Hey guys.

I'm mostly trying to build a computer to manage most games released this year on High (and not necessarily Ultra). I'm mostly playing Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2 but I also play Borderlands 2/L4D2/BF3 and in the near future DmC: Devil May Cry, Bioshock: Infinite, Mass Effect 3, Mettro 2033, Farcry 3 and etc.

Can they be overclocked (for the FTW model, can the OC be tweaked)? Will I need an aftermarket fan if I decide to overclock them?
Do AMD have reliable products? I've never used them before.
Do you suggest factory OCed or manually OCing for someone who has never OCed before?

My resolution is 1920x1080 at the moment.

Thank you
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  1. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: maximum 2-3 weeks

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Hardcore gaming and a little Streaming + Fraps

    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: None (building the system from scrap)

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: i5 3570k OR FX 8350 with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX.

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Not sure what the best are but it seems is the most popular.

    PARTS PREFERENCES: Best bang-for-the-buck with good reliability and cooling. I'll sacrifice performance for a card that's more reliable and cools better.

    OVERCLOCKING: MAYBE. Never tried it before and probably going for the 670 FTW because it's factory overclocked.

    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No (at present).


    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'd love the card to run most games on High (not Ultra) settings for the year. BF3/Crysis 2/FarCry 3/DmC: Devil May Cry/Planetsid 2/Guild Wars 2/Dishonored/WoW etc.
  2. For a 670 gtx i rather get the gigabyte windforce 3x, it has the 680 gtx pcb as the 670 GTX FTW, but with better cooling :

    For a 7970 :
  3. i personally would go with the 7970, i really dont understand the FTW edition cards half the time, they get so close in cost to the next card in the line up that you might as well go a bit further to get it.

    also for overclocking purposes you could get a stock 7970 and have more head room to overclock where a FTW card would already be overclocked and lease head room to play with.

    unfortunatly i dont have a specific 7970 to recommend due to limit internet acces at work to do some research for you.
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    GTX 670 would be more than sufficient. It'll run all the games you just posted on ultra. At 1920x1080. I would only recommend Radeon 7970 if you were to play at higher resolutions.

    I would recommend the ASUS GTX 670 DC II. It's the most silent GTX 670 there is and the cooler is great. It has a reworked PCB so not the reference PCB as any other GTX 670 is using, which is supposed to lower the power consumption and give more durability. It comes with a backplate too, which will give more stable overclocking capability and protect the PCB.
    EVGA GPUs with reference cooling solutions are not as effective as "open" cooling solutions. The reference cooling options tend to run hotter, but will exhaust the heat out of the back of the PC. Which is attractvice when using a small form factor case or a case with bad airflow, if you got a decent midi-tower ATX case, then there is no reason buying a GPU with a reference cooler on it.

    In this review and comparison you'll see that the GTX 670 by ASUS is getting kind of hot. It's because it's the TOP edition, which isn't sold anymore. So the temperature and noise will be lower on the regular ASUS GTX 670 DC II.,3217-12.html - Seven GTX 670

    The GTX 670 and the Radeon 7970 is recommended by Tomshardware as some of the best GPUs for the money.,review-32611-5.html - Recommendations

    GTX 670:

    "The GeForce GTX 670 is a battle-hardened contender. Offering performance slightly below the Radeon HD 7970 and a lower price to match, this was one of our favorite cards right when it launched. It remains a cool, quiet, and attractive option today."

    Radeon 7970:

    "We really like AMD's Radeon HD 7970. There's really no reason to pay extra for a similar-performing GeForce GTX 680 unless its 55 W-lower thermal ceiling is necessary in your small form factor enclosure. In that case, spending more for better efficiency is something we can get behind."
  5. Cant beat this

    $359 with rebate dual fan.

    Both gpus are beast. and would beast any game. However i would personally get a 7970 its faster than the 670

    Thats a non ghz 7970 vs 670.

    However if you want phsyx and TXAA take the 670. If you dont care about that 7970 For sure.

    Really though there is NO wrong choice. both gpus will take a game and just destroy it haha,3107-5.html,3107-6.html
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