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Does the HD 7870 cut it?

Hi, I am going to be building my new pc ($1,000) and I was origonally going to go with a Radeon HD 7950. I then stumbled upon the Radeon HD 7850. I saw videos on youtube and all, and they are only 10-15 frames apart from eachother for $40. I want to put that $40 into maybe a mic, or a 32 GB SSD or something. Anyways.

Team Fortress 2
Arma 2
Garry's Mod
Kerbal Space Program
Crysis 2
maybe Battlefield 3
Planetside 2

I was wondering, can an 8570 really handle games like BF3, Crysis, and Planetside 2 on ultra? I want to get at least 30-40 FPS, is that achievable, or do I need to bump down the settings a bit. Thank you so much!

P.S. I would be running duel monitors
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  1. This is such a confusing post.

    You can fit a SSD and a good gaming card into a $1000 PC. When you're ready to buy (like in a week or two), ask for advice and someone will put something decent together for you.
  2. Woah, what?

    The 7950 is miles better than the 7850, and even than the 7870 - and it overclocks way better.

    Then you talk about the 8570, which doesn't exist.

    Listen to hapkido - $1000 can get you a 128GB SSD and a rig that'll play games on ultra at 1080p and 60Hz. You're likely making a lot of mistakes that new builders do, and overspending in places that give you no benefit. (For example, you shouldn't buy an i7, as it gives zero benefit over an i5 for gaming. Going from that, the rule of thumb is to spend twice on the graphics card what you do on the CPU...)
  3. sorry, I meant to type 7870
  4. i wouldnt say miles ahead. the 7870 is a pretty capable card.
  5. I'm using a 7870 for 2560x1440 and am happy with the performance in most games. You will easily get 40+ fps with a 7850 at 1920x1080 (turn down aa) in most games.
  6. Some of those games are pretty demanding, so I would spend as much as possible on a GPU. If you really wan't a mic or SSD but have to chose between those and a better GPU, get the better GPU and add those later, seeing as you would have to replace the entire GPU when you chose to upgrade that.

    As others have said, you should easily be able to fit a 128GB SSD into a $1000 build. Please post what parts you are getting and where you are getting them from, so we can ensure you are not overpaying for anything and are selecting good components.

    BTW - does the $1000 include both monitors, or do you have those already?
  7. for pc building advice refer to this sub-forum
  8. Well, by $1,000 I mean that includes my keyboard (Microsoft sidewinder x4 $40) my wifi card (Rosewill something or other $20)my Operating system (Windows 7 $100) so really, its an $840 build.... I have the monitors though, yes.
  9. If you are going to use 2 monitors, spend as much as you can on the video card. I have a 7870 OC card. Runs Battlefield 3 just fine at highest settings, but on just 1 monitor. To play Battlefield 3 good on 2 monitors, you need something more then a 7870 because you more or less are going to double the resolution. Not even sure the 7950 is sufficient.
  10. You can't game on 2 monitors(for 99% of games) properly. The bezel would be right in the middle, so it would maybe only work in like rts games.

    Therefor I assumed the multiple monitors would be for just multitasking, which doesn't affect performance all that much.

    That being said, my previous statement still stands, and I think you should get the best GPU you can afford right now, so I'd go 7950 over a 7870, then buy the other stuff(headset, SSD, etc) later.
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    Get the 7950 if you buy a 7870 it will max games now but in 2 years it would struggle. 7950 will be good for at least another 3 years.
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  13. By duel monitors, I mean that I will have one main monitor, and one secondary. the main one will play all my games, the second one will just be for multitasking
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