What gfx should I consider upgrading too??

my specs are ....

asus m2n-sli deluxe

AMD phenom 9850 quad

geforce 8800GTX x 2 SLI
8 gigs ram
window 7

1. So I recently got black screen of death on 1 8800 gtx and unable to get it going....."no divers installed" failed attempt to re install....been reading up on this and seems it may be dead....other is up for now...any other ideas to get it up?

2. now considering upgrade...

any ideas off cards I should consider....want solid performance with this rig and have had good luck with sli.....so what does the community think?
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  1. Budget and max resolution
  2. Hello, I am running AMD phenom quad on m2n-sli deluxe, 8 gigs ram, 2 gtx 8800 with 1000 watts, so 1 video card has black screen, will try to bake when I get home..

    Am wondering what cards I could/should consider upgrading too. Not too sure what my mobo can handle at this time.

    any suggestions??
  3. what is your budget and max screen resolution?
  4. don't bump answer the question from ASHISH65
  5. I didnt realize that was a question.

    Non HD monitor.....I know something I may upgrade

    budget....I am not sure if there is a cap on my mobo so budget is not a concern of mine. I just want to best for my gaming....

    if the cards you suggest need for me to upgrade my monitor I will definitely consider that too.

    thanks for your help.
  6. hey...its a non HD monitor....budget is not concern....I dont know what work for mobo....I can always upgrade monitor to fit card....

  7. which AMD phenom quad you have?
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    M2n - sli deluxe gfx card upgrade ??
  9. asus m2n-sli deluxe

    AMD phenom 9850 quad

    geforce 8800GTX x 2 SLI
    8 gigs ram

    1000 wt power supply
  10. Hd 7870 or gtx 660
  11. hey thanks for your recommendations.....may I ask how you came up with those 2? I have looked into the gtx660 and the price is good for 2.

    any monitors you suggest while I am at it?
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