Graphic for first new build... 1g or 2g

So there are two i found. right now on my list is the sapphire, but reading through some oneelses forum post i was introduced to the powercolor 2g version of my card for 5 dollars more. Now i don't know which to pick. It's for an AMD radeon build 500-600 dollar build.

power color


I know the sapphire is better than the powercolor in the 1g department but for 5 dollars more is the 2gig lesser brand worth it?
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  1. Yes, 2GB version is better, powercolor isn't bad, so get the 2GB.
  2. 2gb. 1gb is not enough for all games 1920x1080
  3. What about the powercolor only having one fan where the sapphire has two. Is that an issue at all?
  4. would you guys reccomend anything else at this price range. trying to max out at 200.
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    The cooler of the powercolor is enough for the card.
    If you want better :

    There's also the 7870, it's 200$ after mir :
  6. would my amd phenom x4 965 black bottleneck that 7870?
  7. No.
  8. damn my $180 dollar gpu just turned into a potential 220...
    well thank i appreciate it guys!
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