Eyefinity active port configuring

Ok so I just purchased 3 Samsung s23b550's and I have 2 monitors currently running on my 7970.

The monitors have 2 Hdmi ports and 1 VGA port.

My current configuration is:

Hdmi -> Hdmi port main monitor
Mini DP to Hdmi Adapter -> Hdmi -> Hdmi port second monitor

I so far cannot figure out what the third monitor needs.

I have thought of going with: A mini DP to dvi ACTIVE adapter -> M/M dvi port -> female dvi to hdmi ported to the third monitors hdmi slot.


Or, I found this product off newegg claiming to be a mini DP to hdmi ACTIVE adapter. Which I will then use this along with another hdmi port of course.


I just want some input before I make another failure purchase.
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  1. Yes I sure have, my issue is my monitors have no DVI nor DP/Mini Dp natively.

    So now I am trying to figure out the best alternative.
  2. I would just repeat the 2nd monitor setup i.e. Mini DP to Hdmi Adapter -> Hdmi -> Hdmi port third monitor. Or, if your gpu came with a dvi/hdmi adapter (some do) you could use that to connect your 3rd monitor as you already have one connected via mini dp. Only one monitor needs to be connected via dp to enable eyefinity.
  3. Those were actually my first 2 routes I attempted. Neither worked.

    When I ordered the Mini DP to Hdmi adapter -> Hdmi -> Hdmi port, I ordered 2 sets and plugged both in at once, which did not work.

    Second, I bought a DVI to Hdmi port, so my full setup was:

    1st: Hdmi to Hdmi
    2nd: DVI to Hdmi
    3rd: Mini DP to Hdmi adapter -> Hdmi -> Hdmi port

    Did not work either.
  4. Is the mini dp/hdmi adapter active or passive? Reason I ask is that one of the monitors must be connected via an active adapter as it needs the extra power for the added pipelines to hit the higher resolutions, passive will not work for eyefinity. Unfortunately , I have little experience with hdmi, all my monitors are connected via dvi, with one via active dp/dvi adapter. But if you are unable to source an active dp/hdmi adapter, you could try for the 2nd active mini dp/dvi adapter>>dvi cable>>dvi/hdmi adapter>>monitor hdmi.

    Good luck
  5. No the adapters were both passive, which was my reasoning for using all caps on my explanation earlier when I wrote ACTIVE to point out the both my possible solutions I came up with used active converters.

    I decided on ordering the Mini DP to HDMI active adapter even though it had no reviews as it was probably a new item. I assume it will work hopefully seeing that it is active, but we will just have to see when it comes in.
  6. Just had a look at amds' approved dongle list >> http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx and it looks like active dp/hdmi dongles are, as you say, new items. As it lists them as 'coming'. So I think that will solve it. But please let us know how it works out.

    Good luck.
  7. Hey, just wanted to say my part did come in and my 3 screens are now all working.

    So there is now an ACTIVE Hdmi to Mini Displayport on the Newegg market that does work.

    Incase anyone needs to go this route with their setup.
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