DirectX 11 not working anymore?

Hey, I've been using my Geforce 560 ti for a while now, and have used it to play Hitman Absolution and Batman Arkham City in DirectX 11 but now it does not work, my RAM is 8GB and CPU is i5 2500K @3.30Ghz 3.6Ghz, Ive updated the latest drivers, but I've needed to reinstall the drivers everytime i booted up and that used to work, but not anymore, cheers if anyone can help.
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  1. Hmm, very odd. I play Batman AC and I have no issues at all. When you say it doesn't work what happens what are you encountering.
  2. I can run the game but the directx 11 options that used to be there have gone :/
  3. Hmm, so you are saying the game has the settings greyed out?
  4. No just totally disappeared... and Hitman Absolution doesn't work anymore due to the 'failed to intialize directX' error :(
  5. Hmm very odd. Sounds like something perhaps on the windows side of things not your driver. What does Direct X Diagnostic tell you?

  6. how do i copy the image in the reply?
  7. I'm sorry are you asking how to post a image and have it show? The way you do it is like so

  8. thanks! yes thats what I meant :)

  9. file:///C:/Users/Dean/Pictures/Untitled.png
  10. -_- lol
  11. Is your GTX overclocked by stock values?
  12. Zephis you need to upload it somewhere if its locally on your hard drive it will not post on here you need to post it on for example photo bucket and copy paste the image code :)
  13. Thanks bigshootr here it is

  14. Okay so you do have DX11 installed also I can see what you are using component wise. Okay so you are saying that the settings have been completely erased. I'll show you my batman settings or what it looks like.

  15. yeah basically the two directx 11 options are gone from the list :/
  16. Hmm very odd. have you thought about backing up your save game files and then re installing the game to see if that would fix the issue. I have one other thing that may help but I'm not sure. Nvidia released something called the Geforce experience it will optimize your game settings for you there is a good chance that could solve things as well.
  17. ah right I'll try the experience thing first then, is the Arkham city save file on the computer or is it on the games for windows live cloud server?
  18. What do you have it through steam or normal? Here is a guide with Steam.
  19. thanks a lot man I'll give it a go :)
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