White Lines on Screen?

Hey guys, Apparently I get this kind of screen whenever I insert my Gainward Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 GS 2GB in my PC:

(Take Notice The White Lines)(also, don't mind the white glowing light by the middle-top of the screen, it's just florescent lighting reflecting the glass...)
I do not know why it happens like that, It started to become like that while I'm playing MineCraft(in full screen) then it suddenly crashed. It was not actually the cause of overheating tho, because I checked it out and it wasn't that hot.

And if your thinking that that's about the monitor, Well... No, because I am currently using my on-board video card which is the ATI Radeon HD 4200 on boarded to the Biostar Group TA785GE 128M and the monitor is working fine
(but of course, graphics is very minimal)

so please do help me, and I'm ALWAYS taking suggestions in account :D
Thanks For The Help :)

PC Specs:
Enclosure - Segotep C2-R Mid Tower
Operating System - MicroSoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1
Processor - AMD Opteron 1354 Barcelona 65nm Technology
Power Supply - AcBel 500 watts HB9019
RAM - 4.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15)
Motherboard - BIOSTAR Group TA785GE 128M
Graphics Card - ATI Radeon HD 4200 (Biostar Microtech Int'l) (Currently, Before it was the Gainward Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 GS 2GB)
Hard Drives - 500GB Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 (SATA) & 120GB Seagate ST3120827AS (SATA)
Optical Drive - ATAPI iHAS122
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  1. Looks like your graphics card is on the way out! Have you tried setting your GPU settings back to factory default and try rolling back your drivers or installing later drivers? I had a similar problem with a GTX275 GPU, strange coloured lines appeared on the screen then few days later it would not display at all!
  2. Looks like at least one of the cards vram chips is defective. Not worth repairing really...
  3. JRock247 said:
    Looks like your graphics card is on the way out! Have you tried setting your GPU settings back to factory default and try rolling back your drivers or installing later drivers? I had a similar problem with a GTX275 GPU, strange coloured lines appeared on the screen then few days later it would not display at all!

    Hello again, I tried updating the drivers and I have to say that it took off those lines, but only when the Desktop shows up, But then again I encountered another problem:

    Now it looks like my PC has Windows 95 Graphics! :na:
    It is NOT camera error that it looks like that, it really looks like that.
    As you can see, The monitor has a 640 x 480 resolution instead of the regular 1024 x 768, for that kind of monitor.
    also, when it states "Starting Windows" at the screen it is still the same, With the White Lines...
    Then again my monitor is working fine and all but it is just really the graphics card. :(

    So again I do dearly need help from you guys. :)

    P.S. I never tried setting your GPU settings back to factory default, mainly because I don't know how. :p
  4. I am still accepting helpful suggestions... :)
  5. I had a system with 4 way sli gtx480.
    My system developed almost the same problem plus blue screen. white lines appearing straight away just after bios boot up.
    After trouble shooting by taking all the cards out and booting the system with each card in Slot 1 separately.
    I found that the main card only had the white lines. this was the card in slot one which ran the hottest while gaming.
    Conclusion is
    It is a graphics card hardware fault due to overheating at some stage. could be cracked solder joint or bad ram.
    you could try baking the card by heating it enough to re-flow the solder. see youtube videos.
    (or replacing it under warranty).
    You would have to strip it down remove all thermal pads and compund , heat the PCB to reflow solder joints (dont overdo it, you dont want to completely fry it)
    then repalce all thermal compound and pads and reassemble and test. good luck
  6. Hi.
    This thread helped me a lot. I just successfully "baked" my gtx 470 and I want to thank you.
    I had blue screen crash earlier this day. After the restart the same happened as in tactical_bacon pictures. I've tried to remove/update drivers but I had the felling from the start that this is a waste of time.
    So I striped my GPU and put a tinfoil on remaining plastic connectors.
    I've put tin foil in glass baking pan and put some tinfoil balls beneath the GPU, to lift it a bit from the bottom of the pan.
    I must mention I've pretty old oven, so I wasn't very confident in temperature knob. It had a big gap between 175 and 200 celsius mark so I put oven near 200 mark.
    Pre heated oven for 3-4 mins, to prevent fast temperature increase damage.
    I've put the whole pan in the oven for 10 mins and watched my GPU bake the whole time and didn't see any solder melting.
    So I took the pan after 10 min mark and from closeup I've not spotted any melted(renewed) solder.
    Maybe it was premature decision, but I've put the pan back for another 4 minutes to bake.
    After that I took whole pan from the oven and left it in the kitchen to cool off for 45mins
    I had like 1/10 feeling that this will gonna work as I combined parts back together. You can imagine my reaction when I saw loading up screen without any white flickering lines.
    I've saved a lot of time and money by this method for a while.

    The same happened to me 5 times now. Every single time baking helped.
  7. I'm having the same issue here, Any ideas besides BAKING your card under warranty?
  8. TacticaL_BacoN said:
    I am still accepting helpful suggestions... :)

    Hello TacticaL_BacoN,

    We have the exactly the same problem with white lines on monitor and from the star up when you press the button on your PC. And that is graphics card problem definitely without any doubt. My graphics is "Zotac GTX 480". So, can you tell me did try to fix your card with this BAKE method ? I really need to know.... I'm preparing to bake my card....

    Thanks and Im waiting your reply for a little hope!!!

    Update: Thanks folks a lot!!! The Myth with this kind of "voodoo" fixing a graphics card IS BECOME A REALITY!!!

    Anyway, before a couple of days my GPU get white lines moving on the monitor... From the beginning when I boot up my pc... So, after BAKING my Zotac gtx 480 1.5gb the problem is solved !!!

    But, after baking I find some 5-6 capacitor looking like more grown up or swelled... My graphics now work fine after some stress tests, but i'm considering is that okay if the capacitors is looks not really okay ???

  9. im having this problem but i cannot see anything when card is in top pci slot (windows doesnt boot at all). when i put it in bottom slot it had lines and windows booted up. Is my mother board messed up too?
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