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Battle of the Zip Drives

Last response: in Components
March 7, 2002 5:36:32 AM

Hello again, folks.

Maybe you can help me with another question... What brands of Zip Drives are more reliable? Any to avoid?

Thanks again,

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March 7, 2002 2:36:40 PM

If you look closely, all the Zip disks are manufactured by Iomega and then sold to Sony, Panasonic, etc to put their own labels on.

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March 7, 2002 2:39:19 PM

oops, my bad. I answered for the disks when you meant the drives. I also think the same applies for the drives as well.

I have a NEC Zip 100 IDE in my system, but the bios recognizes is as an Iomega, even the firmware indicates it's IOMEGA.

So, although I am not sure, it seems that IOMEGA also manufactures the drives for NEC. Besides, I never had any problem with this drive, or my USB Zip. No Click of Death issues in the past 4 years I've owned it.

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March 7, 2002 2:39:41 PM

No, all brands are basically the same as bgates said. However, I'd stay away from 100MB Zip Drives, as they read quite a bit slower than the 250MB Drives.

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March 7, 2002 2:42:32 PM

One thing I would add to AMD_Man's post is that when using the Zip 250, and you're writing to a 100MB Zip, the Zip 250 is slower to write to the 100MB disk than the Zip 100 would be.

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March 9, 2002 5:27:44 PM

Actually I believe NEC makes the drives for Iomega.

- JW
March 10, 2002 12:42:07 AM

I think the drives are made by Iomega and Seiko Epson Corp.

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March 10, 2002 2:28:15 AM

I got a SCSI ORB Drive, manuf. - Castlewood. At first I was impressed by it's speed in comparison to Iomega's JAZ Drive. Then I started getting corrupt disk clicking. After loosing two disk worth of data, I just stuck the ORB drive in the closet and reconnected my JAZ. The ORB does give 20 MB DTR (Ultra SCSI) compared to the Jaz 10 MB DTR (Fast SCSI). I would vote for the ORB, but I don't trust the cheap disk.

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March 10, 2002 4:57:05 PM

Hmmm... Not that is really matters but the Zip 250 in the office here (OEM) says "Iomega" on the front bezel but "NEC" on the top of the drive. Maybe different people make the different types of drives.

- JW
March 10, 2002 10:58:05 PM

Yah, it doesn't matter and i was refering to the older Zip 100s. It's hard to trace who makes what when they can have more than 1 manufacture.

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