Problems with the HD7950 - across the board, or just Sapphire?

For my latest build I was looking at a card in the $300 range, and it sounded like the HD7950 was the best card for the money at that point. I settled it on the Sapphire since I've been happy with them in the past, it had solid reviews, etc.

Well, from day 1 of the installation I've been having artifacting, glitches, even forced reboots due to boxes appearing all over my screen that wouldn't go away. This only happened when gaming, and nothing else. A google search appears to show a lot of people have this same issue.

I'm wondering if this is an HD7950 issue, or a Sapphire issue? I had the latest drivers. I'm not sure what other card to look at replacing it with now, any suggestions? I don't want to spend much more than $350 at the high end.
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  1. no reason you cant swap it out for the same card. they cant all be bad
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