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hello,this is my first post on tomshardware and thanks for reading and helping me out.
so basicaly i own a dell vostro 470 http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/vostro-470/pd
(i got it really cheap) and i want to upgrade gpu.Besides power supply will i need to do any changes to my pc? will the case fit gtx 680 if not what can it fit? and can you recommend good psu? thanks for reading again.
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  1. You need new psu.Consider corsair or seasonic 600w psu.get gtx 670 as the 680 is just 5% faster than 670 and $100 price gap.so i suggest to get gtx 670.
  2. a good 600w psu should be enough. check out seasonic or corsair or antec (among others)

    as for the case, im sorry but i am not too sure. 680's are usually long. so choose your 680 and google for card dimensions
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