Older ATI card vs newer intel HD card

I'm looking at getting a new laptop, and I was curious how the newer intel HD integrated gaphics cards hold up against my current graphics card, an ATI mobility radeon X2300. I can play a fair number of games on my current one, including Bioshock on fairly low settings. I know the processor has something to do with it, and there's no contest for that - the new one has an i7, and my current one shows up on the device manager as two core 2 duos. Any advice?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, but it seems like it would be more of a GPU question that a CPU.
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  1. Hd graphics 4000 is better than that old ati.i would suggest look for hd 7650m or 7670m igpu in laptop.
  2. HD4000 is 5-6 "levels" over the x2300 but an AMD trinity APU with 7660 is 4 "levels" over Intel.


    If you want to do casual gaming AMD is the best option. It will also probably be cheaper, and the CPU will still blow your old one away
  3. Thanks for the quick response!

    Actually, I've now received an offer for a gently used laptop from someone in my family. It's a Core i7 620m with integrated graphics. The windows experience index for 3D graphics is a 5 for the i7, and a 3.8 on my current laptop. I know the WEI is not exact in many ways, but I'm curious as to what the difference is between the two, since it seems to still be an upgrade.
  4. For today's forecast: unclear with a 50% chance of sarcasm :P

    Where exactly does "owns them AALLLL" place it? :)
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