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Video Editing and Encoding - 680Gtx Sli vs single card & Quick Sync

Greetings! :hello:

What do you guys think is better for Video Editing/encoding?

Single 2gb 680 GTX with Quick Sync enabled or 2 680s Sli

I use Power Director 11 (I think CyberLink was going to take advantage of NVENC on PowerDirector 11, but I'm not sure if it's working yet)

I also read that Quick Sync + Single card might be faster, but less quality than 2 sli cards?

I use my Pc for gaming too and my system specs are I7 3770k, 16gb Ram, SSD Samsung 830 512gb and a 3tb barracuda.

Any advice would be really appreciated,

thank you. :)
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    quicksync, by far. not only is the quality better but it is considerably faster.

    quicksync is by far, the best way to encode using hardware acceleration
  2. Thank you for answering so fast, how faster is Quicksync?

    I am wondering if it is like 60% faster as advertised?

    keep in mind the quality on quicksync is better than that of cuda as well.
  4. Ok thanks a lot!
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