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Hi all,

I've had some interesting hickups on this router that I just picked up on Thursday.

When I first set it up, only my wired connections were working, and while my pc was running fast, my dad's seems to be having more hiccups. He largely uses his PC to play MSN hearts, and when I switched out my E3000 for this new Asus router, his game began slowing down, and dropping on occasion.

As for wireless, it didn't work at all, until I did a factory restore on it, and removed all passwords. Any inclusion of security seems to prevent the wireless connections from my and my mom's laptops.

I'm getting to my wits end, not because of the router, but my dad's incessant complaining that he can't play hearts. I was curious if anyone has handled this sort of problem before with an Asus.
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  1. Check Asus for a firmware update for the router, that may fix your problem.
  2. I already checked that... still no dice. I returned it and exchanged for a netgear, and all things are working now.
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