How bad is my bottleneck going to be? HD 7870

Hey so i just bought a Club 3D 7870 2gb (£160 on ebay brand is not very well know but ive read some reviews :p and they were good) so basically heres my system:

Intel Pentium e5800 lga 775
Asus P5g41t-m lx2
4gb RAM 1333mhz

So yeah all i need to know how bad am i going to suffer from bottleneck? Is it going to be insane so i cant play or just moderate so i may have to lower a setting or 2?

Anyways as always do your best!

Cheers Jake
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  1. It will bottleneck.Games which uses 2cores will be fine,but in cpu intensive gaming it will strugle to get fps.overall you can play at med-high settings.
  2. You can overclock that cpu even at stock cooler you raise to 3.5ghz.
  3. can i have a link for overclocking please inside of windows my bios is grayed out in sections :/ please just something simple and a guide on using it
  4. Do not worry.go to overclocking section of toms hardware and create thread there will you get the its better to get new cpu and mobo to enjoy gaming
  5. The GPU will play all modern games except really demanding ones at max settings. That CPU though is hopelessly obsolete, BUT it will play games that were made earlier in the days. If you are on a budget, get a new mobo and core i3 or even high end sandy bridge pentium CPU.
  6. thanks the great randini that helped alot phew aha and reassured me i will be ok for a little while also my cpu is 3.21GHz and is apparently better than the core 2 quad, anyways ill see what happens when i get my new gpu tomorrow or wednesday
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