Blank Display after Graphics card upgrade.

Hey Guys

I come in a time of need.

Today i received a MSI HD 7850 Twin Frozr III OC 2048MB GDDR5, this was meant to be a massive upgrade for me, i was coming from a GTX 520.

Anyway, I got the card and when i installed it it failed to boot with it, the screen stayed black and when i left it for a little while and went back to it a single tap of the power button would turn the computer off. When i boot with onboard the graphics card is not detected at all. The fans etc are spinning and there seems to be life coming from it.

With doing plenty of searching through this forum i saw that it may have been the PSU. So i got an old 500w one from the parts drawer and tried that. Again, same result.

I have a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV motherboard and im sure i am 100% sure that i have seated the card correctly. I have driver sweeped all of the old drivers from the computer aswell. Im really at a loss here.

Can someone give me some guidance?

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  1. put the old card back and check bios settings if pci-e is first graphic and leave the onboard enable ,do not install the gtx driver remove the card and try the hd one also check if you connect the video cable correctly on the video card output to the monitor .
  2. Hey Scout_03, I have done all of that =/

    But i have come across something new. The computer is booting up, i know this because i can connect to it via teamviewer. But the screen on teamviewer is black until i roll over it with the mouse and it begins to become choppy.

    Im guessing it may be a driver issue now. Ill try install the drivers and report back.
  3. when you try the install of the driver check if your 6 pins pci-e power cable is connect to the card from psu .
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