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Hi all,

I want to upgrade my graphics card and would like to know what speed card I should buy.

My processor is Intel Pentium dual core 3.0GHz. I have read that I should buy a card of equivalent speed to my CPU (or slightly larger) so should I look for one with a 'clock speed' of 3000+ MHz???


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  1. gaz we need to know the make and model of your mb and your power supply. for themb info some mb have agp or pci slots. we have to order the right card for the right slot. also we have to size the gpu for the power supply in the case. to large of a video card and we can burn out the power supply if it weak.
  2. I have PCI-E gen 2 slot on the MB. My 4GB RAM. The PSU is not a worry as I will swap that out if I need to. It's a dell so I assume that means it's a dell MB?
  3. any decent card with that cpu there will be a bottle neck. mainly from the cpu itself. also no card today really has a clock speed over 1ghz unless overclocked.
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