Flickering/flashing textures when gaming

Hi everybody, in some games there are strange lighting effects which flash and flicker and have a sort of grill of diagonal lines. It only happens when the game simulates bright light on building and landscape surfaces. It doesn't happen on every surface just the odd random one. Far Cry 3, Skyrim and Max Payne 3 are the worst cases. When the game is set at nighttime there is no problem.

I have had 2 PC's, both brand new in the past 3 and a half years, one with an ATI card and my current one with a Nvidia card, and both have had the same effects. But I have used the same monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 2433BW.

Could it be the monitor is the problem?

I will get round to putting images up soon.

My current PC is

i7 2600K
Asus P8Z68-V Pro MB
Win 7 64-bit
PSU 950w
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  1. its your driver or a bad oc on your graphics card. i had that happen when pushing my card to hard with outdated drivers. it basically a rainbow of colors right?
  2. No nothing like that. Basically it's shadows. Hope this link works

  3. Yeah, download the latest drivers from Nvidia. If the problem persists, it could also be your CPU. The Sempron 2800+ in my old system did that when I tried to overclock it to 2.2 GHz! :lol: Except the textures on objects actually jumped from one to another. There was grass texture on the sky... :pt1cable:
  4. weird that I have had the same problem on two different systems. Nvidia drivers up to date.
  5. What's your CPU on both systems and what are they running at?
  6. Both i7's. Current one is a 2600K 3.4ghz overclocked by the system manufacturers. Can't remember the first i7 but it wasn't overclocked. The first PC had a ATI 5800. Second and current PC has a GTX 580.
  7. It could just be a glitch in the game that people haven't fixed. I could barely see the flickering in the pictures until I looked really close. A 580 should be having no problems with games like that and if it's on both systems, it's probably an issue with DirectX in the game itself.
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