Ughhhhh issues! ati?amd driver thread (obviously)

hey guys, first post ever. cant say how many times i have come across this forum and have gotten so many answers to pretty much any issue i have had with my computer for as long as i can remember ;) . Hoping someone can point me in the right direction and/or clear some things up for me. i installed a new mobo not too long ago, put everything together, installed windows 7 64 bit. But when windows started i had a low resolution. i updated my drivers only to find that when windows would start i would have major visual problems (resolution fixed). i had lines going everywhere across the screen, some windows would not be able to show information just random blotches of color etc. Somehow though i fixed it by doing a combination of things, seemed like going into safe mode with a combination of uninstalling the driver and disabling the graphics card (in safe mode) fixed the problem. I then used my computer for a few days with no problems. ran ccleaner as normal, not a registry cleaner. and then BAM! back to the same problem. i would get bsod, random colors, random lines, random messages saying "amd driver failed but is now working properly" (obviously not) along with other messages etc. i tested this out a few times and it seems to only happen once i run ccleaner. however i am sure its an amd problem and not ccleaner. i was hoping that someone can shine some light on this for me. im really scared to just have my computer down for a couple days, as its my work computer and i need to use it daily. I have spent countless hours troubleshooting and reading and have not found any info except for amd/ati drivers sucking! :sweat:
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  1. new mb start with updating the bios on the mb. then installing the newest amd/intel mb chipset. if the system has built in video then install the driver for it. also check your power supply see what the 12v rail voltage and amps rating are. a lot of time cheap ps have more then one 12v rail.
  2. ATI radeon HD 4670
    8gb g-skill
    core 2 duo 2.13ghz

    my voltage/amp is at 115 or whatever it needs to be for my country (U.S)
    my computer is working fine now. just want to know whats really going on here. i dont want to run ccleaner cause i know for sure itll cause the ati driver issue for my graphics card. this is entirely a display driver issue.
  3. He means the +12v rail specs on your power supply.
    You can give us a link to your PSU if you want.
  4. im almost 100% sure its the drivers fault. nothing seems faulty hardware wise. I on the computer today. Got the te lines on start up and thought "oh noooo here we go again" but it started up fine when the desktop loaded. i got that message in my taskbar saying the ati driver crashed but recovered successfully.
  5. Have you downloaded all the windows updates yet?
  6. thinking its not ccleaner anymore, as the lines still happen. i had a bunchh of stuff for the windows update. will report back. Still truly believe its a ati driver issue
  7. If you are getting artifacts or weird lines on the BIOS splash screen, then this isn't a driver problem. Artifacts and other anomalies appearing before you even get into Windows indicate either a failing graphics card, or a problem with your monitor or display cable. The fact that you are having frequent driver crashes in Windows, seems to point to a bad card.
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