Am I missing something with Heaven Benchmark?

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some benchmarks with my ASUS direct cu GTX 670 (non top) and I'm confused about the score I'm getting. With Heaven on max settings at 1080p 8xAA I'm getting an average frame rate of 17 and a score of ~400. This seems to be far below what others with similar systems are getting.

My CPU is a i2500k at stock and my GTX 670 is at stock, I've got 8gb of 1600 ram also at stock.
I'm running windows 7 64 bit with service pack 1.

There is every chance I've just misread the results of others and people getting around 1000 are running sli systems, but if this score is low for my system could anyone suggest what might be causing the issue? Games seem to run fine, I play at 1080p and the majority run smooth (I tend to cap them at 60fps) I tried to get a screenshot of my Heaven results but only managed to get a picture of a black screen :/

If there's any more info I can provide please let me know, and thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. While you're in Heaven you can hit F12 at any time and it will take a screenshot. The JPEG files will be located in "C: /Users/name/Heaven/screenshots"

    Upload any of these to any photo sharing site and copy/paste the code.
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