How to conect win 7 to vista via wifi

hi my sister and brother live next door to each other and althought they both use my sisters wifi they want to be able to homegroup or network via wifi without either of them having to use the adsl cable from the router to their laptops..
I tried setting both computers up on a homegroup network but they cannot look at each others music and documents my sister has Win 7 64bit and my brother has Win vista 32 bit (here the joke my brothers computer is in French!) I can translate most of it but it is hard when I hit a problem.

Is it possible you could run through with me the vista side of setting it up then I can know what I am looking for in French please - The win7 is in English so it does not seem to hard to find things. I downloaded for my sister -Advanced IPscanner - and Netcut but netcut does not seem to work on 64 bit and the IPscanner recognises my brothers computer but will not shut it off - they wanted to be able to know when the other is online and also be able to cut one another off when they choose to.

What can you suggest please.
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