Dell Optiplex 745 and a newer generation GPU

Hello guys. We are talking about a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop - tech specs:

I am trying to use it for gaming so my first move was to buy an old almost free Nvidia 6200TC and put it in there as when I got the desktop it was with integrated GPU. With that old Nvidia I achieved a lot, I could run newer games like Aion although with a lot of lag.

Now I want to upgrade the GPU but I know there are a lot of characteristics to bear in mind.
I am trying to get the most of this cheap computer system to play new MMOs as better as I can and as cheaper as possible,balancing the two sides. I was looking into the GeForce GT 240 card - tech specs here:

But I don't know what to look for that would match the motherboard? I know the motherboard has a PCI-E 1.0 slot and the GPU is 2.0 but from what I read the loss in performance is not that much, and I'm sure it would be a lot better than the current Nvidia 6200TC but what would be the best card for that old motherboard, because I think it's not only up to the PCI-E slot?

For example I read that the slot for GPU is 64bit if I'm right and this GT 240 is that a big problem?

In the Optiplex specs under PCI-E x16 it says:
Data Bus 16 bi-directional differential lane pair (2.5Gbs per lane) 80Gbs total and the GT 240 says: Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 54.4 GB/sec but I don't know if I should be comparing these?

Thanks a lot in advance and ask if you need any more info. I'm a bit of a Nvidia fan BTW.
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  1. You can get GTX 650, HD7750 or HD7770. You have a pcie x16 1.0 slot, which has a maximum bandwidth of 80GBPS so you have to buy a card which has memory bandwidth of less than that.
  2. Which CPU do u have in it? If its c2d, 7770 by AMD would be the absolute max u would need for that system, if its the old Pentium D, dont even bother...
  3. Yea it's the c2d cpu 2,13ghz if i'm recalling right... that GTX 650 is a bit expensive for me....What about that GT 240 specifically, would it fit the system? Because I found it on a good price
  4. What is your budget? Buying an old card is not wise and it is better to buy a new card why don't you go with 7770 $130 or HD 7850 $160
  5. Yea ok then, AMD 7770, anything higher would be held back by the CPU.
  6. Okay my budget is a lot lower than 100 and that's why i'm asking what do you guys think about the matching of Nvidia GT 240 with the motherboard....and cgner, as I said I prefer talking in nvidia cards :D

    I guess my question now is what characteristics I should be looking for to match with my PC except for the maximum bandwith and the pci-e slot rather than GPU suggestions ?
  7. GT240 is an upgrade only next to.... I dont even know what lol
  8. YOu can get this card for $115
    Or $100
    Or $140 if you want to have multiple monitors.
    Or $130
    Or $100

    So for $100 you have to choose between a GTX 650 or a HD7770 GHz Edition. I'd say go with the amd card but here are a Comparision list
    Rather than pcie slot and max bandwidth you should be looking for a card that will fit in your case and a powerful PSU that can support the card and also has the required power connectors.
  9. Listen i got gt 240 and beleve me it sucks i recommend hd 6670
  10. I have turned 4 of these into great gaming rigs. The GTX 650 is the best card for me seeing as I prefer to keep the NVidia chipset all thru the machine. Just a personal pref. But that being said I have tried countless combos of cards cpus and RAM and I have done my best to find the best balance. The gt640 is a great card if you follow the following guidelines. It rates up to a 7.3 depending on the ram and processor. BUT!!! the 2gig card in ddr3 does perform MUCH worse than the re designed GT640 1gig ddr5 version. The q6600 and q6700 are both about the only gaming chip I would run, but the core 2 duo 3.0 will game well, just not as well as the 6700 for all around multi tasking. I have tried several ddr2 memory combinations in all the boxes and it seems each motherboard is a bit picky as to what it will run in it. But I am successfully running 8 gigs or ddr2 800mhrtz in all 4 boxes now including the small form factor media case. The memory ranges from Hynix brand, Samsung, and corsair xms2 ram. If you keep an eye on ebay the gt640 1gigddr5 can be found from 40-75 dollars.
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