Buying a Dell Insprion 660 and replacing the graphics card

I'm thinking of buying a new desktop having put up with laptops for several years.

I'm looking at the Inspiron 660 and I was thinking of replacing the Intel HD graphics with a better graphics card.
I'm not a hardcore gamer but the software I want to run I guess is just as demanding (also, while I'm getting a new PC I might as well get one which will run games)

The model I'm looking at is:

Intel® Core™ i3-2130 Processor (3.40GHz, 3MB)
4GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
Intel® HD, which I plan on replacing with NVIDIA GeForce GT630-2GD3 if that is possible or with something better in that price range

Its about £350 with Dell's current discounts, not a bad price but I want to make sure I haven't overlooked something
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  1. Why buy a pre-built just to add a video card, instead of building your own?
  2. A 6670 would be about the same price and better performance. No need for 2gb, at this low end 1gb is plenty. Try to get gddr5 instead of gddr3, that will make a difference.
  3. Dell does marketing real well. They don't always put in the best components or have the ability to expand greatly. Do yourself a favor and build your own. It does not take that much technical expertise and is satisfying.
  4. Sapphire 7750 DDR5 will beat 6670, also it doesn't require power supply upgrade. This will make your life easy. Building PC yourself is cheaper, but a headache if you never done anything like this.
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