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Upgrading 7850

what would be the best upgrade from a HD 7850? would it be worth getting a better card or just waiting for newer cards to surface?
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  1. It would probably be best to wait for the new cards to come out and see what they offer to the table. I'm a bit surprised to see you wanting to upgrade from a 7850 are you not happy with its performance? Are you wanting to max things out?
  2. Either a 7950 from amd or a 660 ti from nvidia, or wait for newer generation cards, which there's not a date for both sides, it all depends on what performance you're expecting, if you feel that the 7850 isn't cutting for the games you play, you might get a better card.
  3. no i love my card it runs great and im very happy with it. Im just curious if upgrading would be worth it in the sense of getting better results or if it would only be a minor.
  4. Well if the card is giving you the results you want, there's no point in upgrading it now.
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    Hmm, I don't think its a good value to upgrade from your card at this point. You invested in a card that is a current generation card so that is where my logic is going. Normally people upgrade once every 2-3 generation of cards. If the next series blows this one away and you are wanting a upgrade that could be a option otherwise I'd just sit tight and wait for your card to no longer be up to snub in the games you play.
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