LG L1710B - differing panels?

I was wondering if anyone has taken the back off their LG L1710B to see which panel is actually inside. I have two, one manufactured May '03 model No. LB700K-GL has a genuine LG panel S/N LM-17...
The second was manufactured June '03 model No. LB700K-GD and has a visibly duller panel with a worse viewing angle and more ghosting. It's S/N is 17EO.... and has no manufacturer name. Both are from the welsh UK factory.

Any thoughts?!?
Any idea who produced the second panel?
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  1. Do I smell or something?:)
    There must be someone out there who owns one of these screens. Do you know which panel you have? Any opinions, good or bad.

  2. Mine was made June '03, model No. LB700K-GD, S/N 306W.... I haven't taken the back off mine but i could read the label on the back of the panel by shining a torch through the grill at the side.

    Anyway the label inside says Hyundai model HT17 something!

    I've been very happy with it so far apart form the vertical viewing angles ( top darker than bottom ). I haven't really noticed much bluring playing games/dvds, and the colours seem good. I ushally have the brightness turned down so its bright enough for me.

    Do you think the other panel is better? ( the LG one?)
  3. I placed the two side by side, one DVI the other analog, compared them and then switched them round to see if that had any impact on the picture quality. It didn't alter my first impression that the non-LG panel was inferior.
    The most obvious differences were the vertical veiwing angle and the contrast. The LG panel gives a very pure white, not matched by the other. Also I'm sure the other panel had a slower response time.
    It wasn't even a close run thing, the difference was so clear.

    But, having said all that I don't think you have the same panel. Mine didn't have any mention of Hyundai. Besides which, Ive heard too many good reviews of that screen so I can't believe that's the one I had.

    The story has a happy ending though! I have since returned the bad screen to Amazon for a refund and bought a replacement good one from Ebuyer. Hurrah!!
  4. Got a sneaking suspicion that mines one of the bad panels. I took the back off mine but all I could see was a gray metal plate. The sticker that I could read before is behind this plate. With the plastic removed i can read more of the model number.. Ht17E12-1. Don't know if its the same panel as in the Q17 thingy.

    I don't think I can return mine now its gone past 30 days.

    I waited this long to buy the LG monitor because I thought they used the AUO panel in the early 16ms LG's so if I waited then I would get an LG one. When I saw it was a Hyundai I thought that would be ok and I was happy with it. Now if the proper LG's are better im gonna be annoyed.

    Oh by the way found this too...


    I know its in german but putting ti into a translator you get..

    The display of LG is in more interesting than a regard. First of all, because it should come out in January, and should be constructed then, because it around the first LG-Panel with 16 ms. Yet unfortunately the development did not go planned so quickly how. One was forced therefore in the first time to use Panels of AU Optronics. Then a new start, and for the L1710B a reaction time of 20 ms is indicated now. In the interior, no AU Optronics sticks more, but rather a Panel of Hyundai.

    Looks like mine isn't a bad monitor, it kicks the sh*t out of the ones at uni anyway. Just think its bad you have no idea of what your buying.
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