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Solution Needed: OLD machine was dying, bought a NEW WD 250GB HD, partitioned it into two 125GBs, installed it into an Ext Enclosure & SAVED ALL MY STUFF ... When I backed-up my files to ext HD, WinXP decided to use the WORTHLESS Windows_LDM format, which OF COURSE the new machine cannot see - recognize - acknowledge ... My APPLE sees it as a Windows_LDM Volume, but the G4 PPC MDD 10.4.11 can't do anything with it EITHER: I am NOT PLEASED: Where is the ANSWER FOR THIS?!?!
Now running Win7 Ultimate (SP1)
on a Compaq, AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 2.2GHz
1.75 GB RAM, 32 Bit
... :fou:
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  1. Have you gone into Disk Management and made sure the partitions are being assigned drive letters. Start, right click Computer, Manage, Disk Management on left side.
  2. AHA! Thank You; will ATTEMPT now & report back: MANY Folks are having this problem ...
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